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Mobile Phone Repairs

We fix all brands of mobile phones. Free quotes are available and majority of all phone repairs can be fixed while you wait. 

Tablet Reapirs

We fix the majority of tablet models, including iPads and Samsung devices. We can repair broken screens, LCD issues, charging port problems and more…

LCD Screens

We stock a wide range of LCD's for all models. You can normally tell when you have this issue when your display is distorted, cracked or ink blotches displayed.

Broken Touch Screen

This is one of the major issues with mobile phones that we see everyday. 
If your touch screen isn’t working or if it just looks cracked, bring it in to Fone Express and well have it looking brand new in no time. 

Button Issues

In many smart phones, there aren’t many buttons. However the buttons that are on the phone are highly important. Get your mobile phone operational again by bringing it in to any Fone Express store and well get your button issue sorted.

Liquid Damage

Mobile phones can become liquid damaged from humidity, sweat and from many other factors. We can eradicate this by a cleaning and reflow process. The quicker you bring your phone in the better your chances to save that all-important data and the lower you're cost will be.


You will need to have your microphone replaced if you can hear people, but they cant hear you. Bring your phone in to us and well do some tests before getting that sound issue sorted. 

Speaker Issues

People can hear you but you can't hear them? This usually means your speaker needs replacing. This can be done on the spot by one of our highly trained technicians.

Battery Replacements

Is your battery dying out quickly, or has your phone suddenly stopped working? At Fone Express we carry a large range of batteries to suit all brands of mobile phones.

Charging Problems

The charging component on your mobile phone is one of the only exposed parts on the device, which means it can often be damaged by liquid and physical impact. With a skilled technician and a steady hand, charging issues can be rectified.

Camera Issues

Fone Express can fix all of your camera problems on your smart phone. We resolve issues with scratched camera lens, your display being blurry when taking a photo or simply if the image is blanked out.

Phone Unlocking

Fone Express are able to unlock many models of phones from the network or if you have forgotten you lock code, please contact us for further info.