Mobile Phone Screen Repairs Checklist

July 23rd, 2020

You can manage your life for a day or two without a laptop, but a smartphone? Forget about it. Surveys have shown that you – or at least others – are all but attached to the phone, with more than 110 uses per day. Smart phones have become an indispensable part of your life! 

Smartphones have become slimmer, which is perfect for squeezing into tight Bondi hipster jeans. But at the same time, the screen size is ever increasing, which poses a problem. A large, near paper thin phone, going in and out of tight jeans, it sounds like a recipe for disaster. And it is. 

The cases of mobile screen damage are rising. With such a large screen in your pocket, it is easy to twist it, put pressure on it, or accidentally bash it on something. 

What Problems Can a Mobile Phone Screen Repair Address?

So you’re looking to get some type of mobile phone screen repair.  If so, you have probably run into any one of these problems:

  •  Non working touch screen
  •  Screen with poor touch sensitivity
  •  Crack in the screen
  • Colour splash in some regions of the screen
  • Dying LCD pixels
  • A completely shattered and obliterated screen
  • Displaced touch sensitivity

Basically your smartphone has become a stupid phone. Hence, there are times in life where you need a smartphone screen repair checklist. Just make sure it’s not saved only on your smartphone!

Tools Required for Mobile Phone Screen Repairs… if you dare to attempt the repair yourself!

Of course to start, you need a new screen package. A basic one usually includes a LCD and a front panel/digitiser.

It’s best to have a screen repair toolkit to ensure the repair process goes smoothly. A good new screen package would come with the necessary tools to do the job. At the very least your toolkit should include:

  • Nylon pry tools or a Spudger – nylon so they don’t damage anything or put off static
  • Screw drivers with tiny headsets
  • Suction cup to lift up the screen
  • Snap-in case opening tool
  • Screen adhesives

And some good to have around supplies include:

  • Cleansing agent – for your hands and work space
  • Bowl – to store the tiny screws and other parts
  • Clean gloves – if you want to be extra careful
  • A heating tool – to soften the glue holding the screen on
  • ESD tweezers – so you don’t discharge electrostatic and ruin your phone
  • ESD wrist wrap – as an extra precaution to prevent electrostatic discharge 

And one of the most important tools for your checklist, the instructions. Don’t be stupid and try to do the repair without reading these all the way through first.  

And that about wraps up your smartphone screen repair checklist. But let’s get real, between buying all this gear, studying how to do the job, and risking ruining everything, it’s way easier just to pay a trained professional to do the job for you. 

So try this checklist instead:

  • Visit Fone Express’s website or Store Locations
  • A big smile on your face knowing that everything is done for you 

…Isn’t that easier?

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