Do I Really Need a Screen Protector?

July 23rd, 2020

Most smart phones these days come with thin and light ‘gorilla glass’ type screens that claim to be scratch and damage resistant. But how reliable is this?

Screen protectors are still a popular iPhone accessory in Australia. And it doesn’t stop at phones, screen protectors are available for any mobile device, from iPods, iPads, tablets and laptops. This alone shows that special glass still isn’t strong enough to remove the need for screen protectors. 

Ever wondered whether you should go for a screen protector or not? Of course you should, duh! 

First off, screen protectors are cheap and easy to get, so why wouldn’t you get one? No matter the make or model, you’ll have no problem finding one for your mobile phone, so it’s best to just go ahead and spend a few bucks on it. Fone Express has a wide range of screen protectors and other iPhone and iPad accessories available in Australia, making the purchase a no brainer.   

There are multiple benefits of using screen protectors for smart phones, tablets, and other devices. For one, screens just attract dirt. Whether they are in your pocket or on the car’s dashboard, screen protectors block the dirt and grime from scratching the glass. 

The glass of an iPhone is not an accessory. It’s not easily changed within minutes; it’s a serious pain. But when your screen protector gets scratched or damaged, it’s so simple just to peel it off and slap a new one on, good as new. 

Do you have kids? If so then you know that fingerprints magically appear on glass no matter what. The same applies with a phone screen. That means that if you want a clean screen – without scratches – then you must carry a soft and clean lens cloth at all times. Every time you use your phone you can safely wipe away the prints and make it all nice and shiny again. Sounds like a pain, right? Screen protectors are not only resistant to fingerprints, but you can just use your shirt to wipe them off. 

One, often overlooked, benefit of screen protectors is that the glare of the screen gets drastically cut after you apply them. Unless of course your main use for the phone is to use it as a mirror to apply makeup, in which case you can go without a screen protector. But on a serious note, it becomes very difficult to read a phone in the sunshine with the ultra reflective screens on smartphones. 

Most important of all, what’s the difference between an iPhone with a shattered screen and one with a screen in tact? 

The second one had a screen protector! No matter how careful you are phones always get dropped. It’s unavoidable. A screen protector holds the glass in places and reduces shock, which keeps the glass from shattering when your phone hits the floor. Ask anyone you see with a shattered iPhone screen and they’ll tell you, they weren’t using a screen protector.  

Phones are expensive, like crazy expensive. Unless you’re rich and careless, it’s worth taking an extra step towards protecting your investment. And guess what, if you decide to sell your expensive phone, using a screen protector will greatly help with the resale value. You just peel off the screen protector just before displaying it for sale and the phone looks brand new.

So do you really need a screen protector? 

Yes, you do. Head to the Fone Express store or shop online for all your iPhone and iPad accessory needs in Australia.

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