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July 23rd, 2020

Accidents happen and that’s why man invented insurance. Whatever caused you to need a mobile device fix, whether it is a failing button, broken microphone or you urgently need a mobile phone screen repair from an accidental slip out of your hands, you may or may not have insurance to cover it! …and even if you do have some form of device insurance, how can you really be sure about the quality of the workmanship and parts that will go into repairing your beloved mobile device?

The question is, can you find a service centre that you trust? Every issue in a smart phone or mobile device has a distinctive solution and getting a repair done by a reputable service provider is insanely important if you want to ensure that it gets done right. 

So when it comes to keeping your device in top shape, mobile device insurance isn’t enough. Sure a broken phone that is insured will get fixed, but how long that fix lasts is unknown. Just like getting maintenance done on your car, when it comes to long term insurance, the only real insurance for your device that you can count on is having a quality repair done in the first place.

Don’t Trust Just Anyone

Compare getting your iPhone repaired to having a medical procedure done. When you go to the doctor, you trust him because of his education and experience. He didn’t just read a book, manual, or watch a few Youtube videos. He went through extensive training to become qualified just to see you.  

Now a phone isn’t quite as precious as your body, though many people treat it as an extension of their arm! Any mobile device costs quite a lot but more importantly, you keep a lot of precious things in your phone. You’ve got family photos, client phone numbers, and even your Christmas shopping list. All of which you can’t afford to lose!

So it makes sense that just like you can’t trust some guy off the street to fix your body, you also can’t trust just anybody to fix your phone. 


Basic Criteria for a Quality Mobile Device Repair Technician

Here are just a few quick benefits you get from having your iPhone, iPad or other device serviced by a professional mobile phone repairer such as Fone Express:

  1. The most appropriate tools will be used. You don’t have to worry about scratches, broken parts, or stripped screws because some inexperienced ‘so-called’ technician tried to use the wrong tool. 
  2. High quality materials and tools will be used. Any craftsman is only as good as the tools they use.
  3. Some handling precautions unknown to normal users will be taken – such as prevention of  electrostatic discharge (ESD) – when working with sensitive components.
  4. A clean service area is used, providing the perfect environment for a phone repair. This is super important in keeping dirt, water, and other corrosives out of your device.
  5. Perfect solutions will be met. With an expert, what more can you ask. Your phone is not just a practice toy for them. So it doesn’t matter what type of repair you need, they have the knowledge and experience to get it done, without needing to watch a Youtube DIY video!
  6. No side effects. In order to fix a microphone or replace a part, the screen might need to be dismantled or completely removed, which might cause crooked cables or other shifted parts. Only experts can ensure zero side effects.

So when it comes to servicing your phone, it just makes sense to get it repaired right the first time. Because a quality repair is the best device insurance you can get. It’s the satisfaction in knowing that you never have to get it fixed again.

Talk to the experienced and trusted mobile phone and device repair team at Fone Express today and invest in peace of mind when the unexpected happens.

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